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Ready to train as a coaching supervisor?

Our mission is to enable coaches from across the world to access an exceptional coaching supervision course through our accredited, virtual live-training.

As a participant on our core programme, you’ll enjoy a uniquely international group of coaches who bring new ideas, skills and global perspectives to the training sessions.

And, of course, as a virtual programme, there’s no more expensive travel and accommodation or multiple days absence from your work or business.

Our course is led by world-class facilitators, including ICF MCCs, academics and authors, and supervisors from the internal coaching and consulting worlds. You’ll be immersed in a wealth of ideas and practices that will bring depth and richness to your work.

Why Train as A Coaching Supervisor

As an experienced coach, you might feel ready to support other coaches on their professional practice whilst helping ensure the quality of the coaching profession into the future. 

But coaching supervision is not simply about your coaching experience.

Certainly, the core skills of communication and relational work remain, but becoming a supervisors widens the scope, opportunity and depth of work. It’s a rich set of behaviours and skills that require more of you as a practitioner.  It calls on you as a coach, a teacher, a guardian of the profession, a systemic thinker, a guide and a restorer.

The experienced coach embarking on supervision training is often surprised by the new skills and mindset needed for effective supervision. To truly be an effective coaching supervisor is to develop the skills needed, stretch beyond your coaching approach and become part of a growing community or practice. 

All of this is a journey of learning, practice and reflection in to a world of new skills.

Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision

Our Accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision is one of the only fully virtual coaching supervision courses in the world.  This means that wherever you are in the world, you can finally train to become a coaching supervisor.

Combining live expert-led discussions, whole-group supervision, breakout practice sessions, client work, supervision of your supervision, personal research projects and more, the course ensures you become a highly-skilled and confident coaching supervisor.

Accredited by both the EMCC and the ICF, the course takes around 7 months to complete and equips you with all the skills you need to be a professional coaching supervisor.

Join a vibrant international group of coaches on your journey to become a supervisor

Virtual Coaching Supervision Course

Combining all the best of live in-person training but from the comfort of your own home or office, live virtual coaching supervision course is a truly immersive, interactive learning experience.

And unlike in-person training where the imperative to make the most of participants’ travel, we don’t need to pack in a whole heap of training in to multiple, consecutive days.

Instead, we deliver our programme through shorter sessions that allow you discuss and practise new supervision concepts, discuss ideas from pre-reading and engage in full supervision sessions whilst be observed for feedback.

The reality is that live virtual training is here to stay. It works, it’s convenient, and it creates an exceptionally diverse forum for learning.

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